About Us

Himgiri has been in the Automobile retail business since 1986. It was started from a green-field project by Mr. Anil Goel. Today, Himgiri owns and operates 21 customer touch-points including showrooms, sales outlets and service centers in Delhi NCR. Dealerships include Hero two-wheelers, Hyundai cars and Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles. Consolidated Group turnover is over ~US$ 106 million. Himgiri employees ~2,500 people in Delhi NCR selling 28,800 new vehicles and servicing 120,000 vehicles annually.

Anil Goel:
•  Started his career in 1978 in the Merchant Navy
•  Left the navy to successfully start his own business in 1986 while having completed his Master Mariner
•  Being a first generation entrepreneur, grew the business to a well-renowned name in the industry by quickly becoming the top selling dealer for all manufactures

Avantika Goel:
•  Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.Sc in Business Administration and an additional B.Sc in Economics
•  Started her career at Citi Bank in New york in the Corporate and Investment banking division
•  Moved to Citi Bank London in 2013 to get exposure to the European and Middle east markets
•  Left banking in October 2014 to move to India and join family business

Abhishek Goel:
•  Graduated from New York university in May 2016 with B.Sc. in Economics
•  Has gained valuable experience interning with the ministry of finance in 2014 and in the family business in 2015